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The TrueBabes website and applications are managed by Group Five Photosports, LLC. Our office is located in the Downtown Historic District of Littleton, Colorado and our production studio sits just a few blocks away. Working in two separate buildings, and often on remote locations, may result in us not being in the office to answer email quickly or take phone calls. Please be patient.

Please use the information below as best suits your needs and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Customer Help

Current subscribers should first check the Subscriber Help page. If the answer to your question is not found there please contact us using the information on that page or below.

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Email using this form is an easy way to contact us, send your questions or comments, and get a reply quickly. We try to answer all messages as soon as possible and encourage you to check your own email often to get the information you need.



Regular voice phone calls are a great way to get questions answered in a short time frame. Please remember that we are not in the office full-time as our production studio is located in a different building. We try to be in the office Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm Mountain Time and welcome your calls, but if we don't answer please try again at a later time, or use the contact form above.

303-474-4449 (voice only, no text).

Social Media

Most social media sites and applications are used by persons under age 18. It would not be appropriate for a website featuring nudity to have a profile there. We prefer the more direct email and office voice phone contact listed above.

Postal Mail

If you wish to send regular mail, FedEx or UPS the correct address is:

Group Five Photosports, LLC.
40 W. Littleton Bl #210-220
Littleton, CO. 80120

Please note that this address is for postal mail and packages only. With our studio located a few blocks away and many productions requiring out of town travel, we are not always in the office during normal business hours. We use a mailbox service to insure all mail and packages are safely stored inside and not left on the office steps.

This address is not for office visits, interviews or studio work.

Media Requests

All requests for events or interviews in Colorado must be made on your department or company letterhead and forwarded to Mollie Hawes c/o Miller & Steiert PC at 1901 W. Littleton BL, Littleton, CO. 80120 or FAXed to her attention at 303-798-2526.

All requests for events or interviews in Florida must be made on your department or company letterhead and forwarded to Luke Lirot c/o Lirot Law, PC at 2240 Belleair Rd, Suite 190, Clearwater, Florida 33764 or FAXed to his attention at 727-536-2110.

All requests for events or interviews in all other areas must be made on your department or company letterhead and forwarded to Marc Randazza c/o Randazza Legal Group at 2764 Lake Sahara Drive #109. Las Vegas, NV 89117 or FAXed to his attention at 305-437-7662.

No other requests are granted.